So many students have come to me saying they grew up learning music. But it wasn’t fun. They later regretted stopping when they got older.

After teaching for almost 2 decades I have made it my main objective of showing that learning guitar is fun! Yes, it takes work. But like my Dad would say growing up. “make it a game, and then work is more fun” So that’s what I did with my teaching. I use silly games, witty methodology, and accessible technique to make it fun. This helps me connect with the students and guide them to a place where they fall in love with both enjoying and learning music. Once that happens, practice turns into music.

I was the trouble maker of my family. The highly active ADHD child who felt greatly misunderstood. The guitar became an outlet for me to express myself and find a way to work through a lot of my struggles. I’ll be completely honest with you. The guitar didn’t come super natural to me. In fact, I wasn’t all that good at it. But I didn’t care. It wasn’t about being an amazing guitar player. It was about expressing myself and using music as a healthy outlet. Out of that grew a desire to learn more and more and more. And now I get the joy of inspiring others to learn and play music. This book is my journey as a guitar player and teacher.